To find out your hat size, measure around your head, just above your ears, keeping the tape measure level. You will then have your hat size in centimetres or inches.

Your hat size depends not only on the size of your head but also on the volume of your hair. Additionally, if you have long hair, you can pin up or dress your hair to create bulk and make a hat fit more snugly.

The photo shows us measuring Marcela’s head. Marcela is our in-house mannequin head and her baldness contributes to her small hat size of less than 54cm.

The hat sizes in our online shop are given in centimetres. Our smallest hat size is usually 56cm and the largest 60cm, although we occasionally stock hats smaller or larger than this. Some hats have drawstrings, with which the fit of the hat may be tightened and the hat effectively reduced in size. Other pieces may be elasticated or stretchy. For these pieces of adjustable or variable size, we have shown the unreduced or maximum size followed by a minus sign, for instance, “57(-)”.

Apart from the circumference of the head in centimetres, there are other hat size systems. Alternatives are the circumference of the head in inches, which gives sizes of 20+, or the traditional hat size system that gives sizes between 6 and 7. Here are some equivalent sizes in these three systems:

Circumference in cms. 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62
Circumference in inches 21 14 21 58 22 22 12 22 78 23 14 23 58 24 24 12
Traditional hat size system 6 58 6 34 6 78 7 7 18 7 14 7 38 7 12 7 58

There are two versions of the traditional hat size system: American and British. We have given the British version above. Both versions go up in increments of 18. For the equivalent American size, just add 18 to each of the British sizes. So, for instance, an American size 7 18 is the same as a British 7 and therefore equivalent to sizes 22 ½ and 57.