We want to tell you about our favourite milliners and hatters first, then everyone else who has contributed to the making of our shop and website. We have listed everyone in alphabetical order (of first name or brand).

Unlike previous editions of this website, we have decided this time to eschew lists of celebrities who have worn each designer’s creations or publications that have featured them. This is partly because the lists get too unwieldy and long and need frequent updating that’s better suited to social media. Attention-attracting headwear that enhances the wearer’s appearance and creates a more memorable look is, of course, celebrity catnip! And we have ourselves contributed to putting hats/headpieces on many well known heads.

Here are other people whose services we have relied on:

Baldovino Barani, fashion photographer, who masterminded and shot all of our photoshoots (“Hats and the City”, “Hatwoman at Home”, “Hatwoman Out and About” and “On Hatwoman’s Secret Service”), as well as styling “Hatwoman at Home”.

Bhisan Rai, stylist, who styled our photoshoot “On Hatwoman’s Secret Service”.

Cheryl Leung, stylist, who styled our photoshoot “Hatwoman Out and About”.

Franklin Lau, photographer, who took the photos of our shop.

George Lam and Man Ying Lok, interior designers, of Bugs Design Consultants, who designed our offline shop.

Holly Suan Grey, stylist, who styled our photoshoot “Hats and the City”.

Inessa Berlovskaya, model, who appeared in our photoshoot “Hatwoman Out and About”.

Jump Web Services Limited, who designed this website.

Karen Yiu, make up artist, who did the hair and make up for all of our photoshoots, as well as being a general problem solver.

Lydia Wei, model, who appeared in our photoshoot “On Hatwoman’s Secret Service”.

Miao (Si Miaobin), model, who appeared in our photoshoots “Hats and the City” and “Hatwoman at Home”.

Pat Lees, translator and writer, who wrote the Chinese translation of these webpages.

The Red Dress, husband and wife team of illustrators, Olivia Chancellor and Ollie Bland, who devised and drew our comic strips and the Hatwoman logo.