“Hatwoman” is a fashion headwear shop based in Hong Kong. It’s also the name of a cartoon superhero. As related in our comic strips, Hattie Wong was a frumpy lawyer until she discovered that donning a hat transformed her into a superhero: Hatwoman! (Hat-wearing can do wonders for you too, though probably less radically.)

In 2010, with the help of her trusty sidekick, Elizabeth, Hatwoman opened her shop in Central, Hong Kong to bring relief to the frustrated hat wearers of Hong Kong (especially herself) who couldn’t find the headwear they wanted. In 2012, an online shop was added. Since opening, the shop has become a magnet for celebrities, fashionistas and hat lovers in Hong Kong and further afield.

Hatwoman stocks designers who, in her opinion, make the most beautiful, flattering and interesting headwear in the world. Each of these designers has their own completely individual style. The range of headwear has been selected to suit different occasions, from formal to casual, from day to evening, for women and for men, and to suit different moods: glamorous, elegant, edgy, playful, romantic, dramatic, avant garde, retro… Without wishing to blow her own trumpet (too much), Hatwoman thinks you’ll have trouble finding a better selection of headwear on sale anywhere.

Aside from headwear, Hatwoman also stocks gloves and some other accessories that have caught her discerning eye. Only headwear is offered in the online shop, however. The stock in the online and offline shops is largely the same, although some items may appear in one and not the other.

The current version of this website was created in 2016. All content on this website is owned by, or licensed to, EGB Limited, trading as “Hatwoman” (a registered trademark) and is protected by copyright.